Our Services

We help our clients navigate the appellate process, every step of the way.


We handle motions seeking any form of relief that Minnesota and federal appellate courts can provide.


We handle petitions asking Minnesota and federal appellate courts to review administrative agency decisions.


We handle direct appeals of trial court orders and decisions to Minnesota and federal appellate courts.


We handle requests asking Minnesota and federal appellate courts to reconsider appellate decisions.


We handle applications for ultimate review by the Minnesota Supreme Court or U.S. Supreme Court.


We handle friend-of-the-court (amicus curiae) briefs directed at Minnesota and federal appellate courts.

 Our Story

Our Story

Founded in June 2015 by Mahesha Subbaraman, the law firm of Subbaraman PLLC is dedicated to providing clients from all walks of life with effective appellate representation. Subbaraman PLLC has litigated cutting-edge legal issues in the areas of constitutional law, civil forfeiture law, business law, and immigration law. Subbaraman PLLC also provides pro bono appellate services to nonprofit organizations and individuals who otherwise cannot afford appellate counsel.

Our Founder

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mahesha Subbaraman is a graduate of Amherst College and the University of Minnesota Law School. As an appellate attorney, he has represented clients in state and federal courts on a variety of ground-breaking legal matters. Before founding Subbaraman PLLC, Mahesha served as an associate at the Minneapolis, MN office of Robins Kaplan L.L.P. and as a staff attorney at the Arlington, VA headquarters of the non-profit Institute for Justice.
Mahesha Subbaraman
Mahesha Subbaraman
Founder & Owner
2019 Up & Coming Attorney
2019 Up & Coming Attorney
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Our Work

Just a few examples of our appellate work.

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